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Honeycomb Products has been in continuous operation in Indianapolis, IN since 1961. We offer a wide variety of heat treating and machining capabilities. Our company is unique because we have the ability to make complete parts in-house from start to finish! We are able to use any print to machine parts, and then manufacture custom honeycomb to fit perfect. We tack weld & braze honeycomb in-house to your print specifications. We can also finish grind the honeycomb to very tight tolerances using our SEG (Spark Erosion Grinder) that gives honeycomb an ultra smooth finish. We also overhaul large & small quantities of Vane Segments with honeycomb every day. Honeycomb Product’s ability to do all of this in a single facility allows for faster turnaround times, best price & most importantly quality control.

Custom Machined Parts

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405 West Raymond Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225